Diabetes Management: Insulin Pumps Market | Global Markets

73 Pages | 18 Exhibits | 2018 Analysis | Forecasts Through 2022
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This report includes: an overview of diabetes, insulin pump technology, next-generation, automated "artificial pancreas" or hybrid closed-loop systems, competition, trends, and expected market growth. Market analysis includes 5-year market forecast by region, market drivers/limiters and market share by region.


  • The insulin pumps market totalled nearly $3bn in 2017 and is expanding at nearly 10%, one of the highest-growth medical device markets today.
  • Medtronic's next-generation automated insulin pump (the world's first hybrid closed-loop system, or "artificial pancreas" or AP system) is driving market growth.
  • While Medtronic clearly dominates with its well-established MiniMed insulin pump portfolio, it is facing increasing competition from several emerging start-ups developing novel AP systems.
  • Other factors driving the market: the large and growing prevalence of diabetes, strong medical necessity (to lower dangerous diabetes complications and gain glycemic control via intensive insulin therapy), the expansion of the market to younger children and severe insulin-dependent type 2 diabetics, and the pressing need to lower spiralling diabetes-related healthcare costs.



  • What is the value of the global insulin pumps market?
  • Expected growth over the next 5 years?
  • Market growth by major region of the world (US, 5EU, Japan, and RoW)?
  • Key market drivers & limiters?
  • Technological innovations & trends?
  • Leading competitors? Estimated market share and strategic growth strategies?
  • Emerging start-ups and proprietary technologies?

Table of Contents

Executive Summary 

i. Disease(s) overview
ii. Automated insulin pump technology
iii. Insulin pumps market
a. Market drivers and limiters
b. Competition - market leaders
iv. Methodology
v. Bibliography 

Exhibit ES-1: Insulin pumps market forecast ($m), 2017-22

1. Diabetes Overview

1.1 Prevalence
1.2 Diabetes defined
1.2.1 Symptoms
1.2.2 Complications 
1.2.3 Diagnosis and treatment
1.2.4 Cost of diabetes
1.3 Bibliography 

2. Automated Insulin Pumps

2.1 Insulin pumps
2.1.1 Insulet Corporation
2.1.2 Medtronic 
2.1.3 Roche 
2.1.4 Tandem Diabetes Care
2.1.5 Valeritas
2.2 Emerging artificial pancreas systems
2.2.1 Beta Bionics
2.2.2 Bigfoot Biomedical
2.2.3 Cellnovo/TypeZero
2.2.4 Dexcom/TypeZero and Tandem Diabetes Care
2.2.5 Diabeloop
2.2.6 Senseonics/Roche/TypeZero 
2.3 Bibliography 

Exhibit 2-1: Selected automated insulin pump brands by manufacturer
Exhibit 2-2: Selected automated insulin pumps and features
Exhibit 2-3: The 3-step Omnipod insulin delivery process
Exhibit 2-4: The new Omnipod DASH
Exhibit 2-5: The MiniMed 630G/640G automatic insulin pumps
Exhibit 2-6: The new MiniMed 670G hybrid closed-loop insulin pump
Exhibit 2-7: The new t:slim X2 Insulin Pump with Basal-IQ technology 
Exhibit 2-8: The V-go 24-hour disposable insulin delivery patch for type 2 diabetes
Exhibit 2-9: Selected emerging artificial pancreas systems
Exhibit 2-10: Selected emerging artificial pancreas systems and clinical status 
Exhibit 2-11: The iLet pocket-sized bionic pancreas system
Exhibit 2-12: The Bigfoot Loop artificial pancreas system
Exhibit 2-13: Cellnovo Gen 3 mobile-based insulin delivery system 

3. Market Analysis

3.1 Insulin pumps market 
3.1.1 Market forecast: global
3.1.2 Market drivers and limiters 
3.1.3 Market forecast: by region 
3.1.4 US market 
3.1.5 Five major EU markets
3.1.6 Japanese market
3.1.7 Rest of the world market
3.2 Competitive analysis
3.2.1 Market share: global
3.2.2 Market share: by region
3.3 Bibliography 

Exhibit 3-1: Insulin pumps market forecast ($m), 2017-22
Exhibit 3-2: Insulin pumps market, forecast sales by region ($m), 2017-22 
Exhibit 3-3: Insulin pumps market, global share by supplier ($m), 2017
Exhibit 3-4: Insulin pumps market, estimated share by supplier and region, 2017

Appendix A: company listing

Companies Covered

Abbott Laboratories
Animas/Johnson & Johnson
Ascensia Diabetes Care Holdings AG
Beta Bionics
Bigfoot Biomedical
Dexcom, Inc.
F. Hoffman-LaRoche, Ltd. (Roche)
Insulet Corporation
Medtronic plc
Tandem Diabetes Care
TypeZero Technologies, LLC
Valeritas Holding, Inc.