April Emerging Medical Technologies Report

Published January 2012 | 38 Pages | 37 Exhibits |


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This report includes details on 37 emerging medical technology companies that have been identified by LSI's in-house research team in April 2012.

All companies include technology, market(s), key executive, and contact information.

Two- to three-page executive summaries are provided on most of the companies. Executive summaries typically include:

• Company Contact Information
• Company Overview (structure, size, year founded, etc.)
• Competitive Landscape
• Technological Advantage
• Stage of Development
• Target Markets
• Financial Summary and Sales Forecasts
• Financing & Partnering Needs
• IP Position & Status
• Management Team
• Exit Strategy
• More

Coverage includes innovations in a broad spectrum of medical technology areas including:
- Aesthetics/Dermatology Companies
- Biomaterials Companies
- Biotechnology/Cell Therapy Companies
- Cardiovascular Companies
- Dental Companies
- Diagnostics Companies
- Drug Delivery Companies
- Endocrine Companies
- Gastroenterology Companies
- Gynecology/Women's Health Companies
- Imaging Companies
- Neurology Companies
- Oncology Companies
- Ophthalmology Companies
- Orthopedics Companies
- Pain Management Companies
- Patient Management/Monitoring Companies
- Pharmaceutical Companies
- Respiratory Companies
- Spine Companies
- Surgery Companies
- Urology Companies
- Vascular Companies
- Wound Management Companies

This report is included in LSI's Emerging Medical Technologies® Database.

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•Sophisticated implants and surgical tools featuring a biomechanically-compliant nail for the fixation of hip fracture in third age patients suffering from osteoporosis
•Novel allogeneic cell graft with copper chelator technology for use in bone marrow transplants to treat leukemia and lymphoma in patients without an available familial donor
•Innovative imaging that provides real time and wide field visualization of cancer margins during surgery to increase tissue conservation and comprehensive removal of cancerous areas, specifically for the treatment of breast cancer
•Novel screening technology based on oncoproteins to differentiate benign infection from true disease and detect cervical cancer and other cancers associated with human papillomavirus (HPV)
•Innovative products designed to alleviate pain and enhance physical comfort in those affected by illness, disability, injury, pressure and poor ergonomics
•Novel portable diagnostic tool to detect a wide variety of protein analytes and un-amplified DNA at point of care
•Bioprosthetic two-piece tissue valve system for minimally invasive valve replacement utilizing a transapical approach
•Selective small molecule histone deacetylase inhibitors to treat multiple myeloma with possible indications for inflammatory, neurodegenerative, infectious and genetic disease
•Novel small molecules and monoclonal antibodies for the treatment of vascular disease and to enhance wound healing, specifically diabetic macular edema and inflammatory bowel disease
•Novel therapeutics to remove acetaldehyde and other toxic aldehydes that impair protein function and cause mutation in DNA
•Novel front-line therapies for the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease, specifically ulcerative colitis
•Comprehensive portable device to provide point-of-care diagnostics for a variety of diseases
•Orthobiologic implant to fill bone voids utilizing parathyroid hormone peptides to prevent further bone loss in osteoporosis and spinal injuries
•Novel non-invasive test to asses infertility and egg quality in women through the use of genetic biomarkers
•Novel therapy to treat iron overload caused by chronic transfusion therapy
•Molecular test to detect pathogens and bacteria that can lead to nosocomial infections
•Invasive fractional flow reserve device analyzer that uses computed tomography images to determine arterial blood flow and pressure, allowing better diagnosis of ischemic stenosis
•In vivo positron emission tomography imaging agents to detect cancer and autoimmune disease
•Blood-based molecular diagnostics that track multiple biomarkers for early diagnosis of a variety of diseases including cancer and Alzheimer's
•Innovative aortic valvuloplasty balloon for the treatment of calcific aortic stenosis
•Novel therapeutics to treat diseases affecting mucosal tissue
•Novel monoclonal antibody therapies targeting receptor tyrosine kinases to treat cancers
•Novel cervical collar used in emergency situations to immobilize the neck while chemically cooling to lower brain temperature to slow metabolism, improve cell membrane stability and reduce inflammation
•Small molecule therapeutics to treat cardiometabolic diseases including dyslipidemia/hypercholesterolemia and diabetes
•Diagnostic test for lung cancer using biological olfactory sensor arrays
•First-in-class subunit-selective NMDA receptor modulators to treat neuropsychiatric diseases, specifically schizophrenia and Alzheimer's
•G protein-coupled receptor therapeutics to combat multiple sclerosis
•Small molecule therapeutics for acute central nervous system disorders; the company's lead product is intended to reduce brain swelling and hemorrhage resulting from ischemic and traumatic injury
•First-in-class oral therapeutic to disrupt the natural course of lactose intolerance by stimulating lactose-metabolizing bacteria in the colon and offering long-term symptom relief
•Aneurysm embolization system that promote rapid, peri-procedural stasis in wide neck ruptured and unruptured aneurysms, taking the place of traditional coils
•Innovative medical isotopes and cancer treatment elements used in thyroid and respiratory cancer therapies
•Oral active molecule therapeutic to improve memory and learning in patients with Alzheimer's Disease
•Peptide-based immunotherapy intended to treat and prevent pancreatic cancer by targeting mutated ras genes
•Oral therapeutics that inhibit the breakdown of calcitonin for the treatment and prevention of osteoporosis and related bone disease
•Novel anti-angiogenic cancer therapy that inhibits blood supply to prevent tumor growth
•Magnetically targeted drug delivery system enabling patient specific delivery options to treat peripheral artery disease
•Point-of-care molecular diagnostic device utilizing electrochemicals to provide rapid, enzyme-free detection of nucleic acids for infectious disease

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