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Q4 2019 Emerging Medical Technologies Spotlight

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Presenting Companies:

AusculTech Dx

StethAid is a mobile device-based digital stethoscope that aids in the diagnosis of pediatric heart murmurs.

Cellf BIO

Bioengineered sphincters using autologous progenitor cells that replace the dysfunctional internal anal sphincter, the root cause of fecal incontinence

Musical Health Technologies

At Musical Health Technologies, we created the SingFit digital health platform which transforms music into effective, affordable and highly distributable medicine.

Novuson Surgical, Inc.

Focused ultrasound surgical tool technology for rapid, precise, automated, and bloodless surgeries

Oxford Endovascular

Oxford Endovascular Limited is a spin out from The University of Oxford. The Company is developing metallic mesh tube devices invented by engineers and clinicians at the University to treat patients suffering from brain aneurysms.

SensArs Neuroprosthetics Sarl

Neuroprosthetic device to restore sense of touch


Sonaris develops an AI ultrasound expert – a solution that enables ultrasound imaging anywhere for vital screening and diagnostics, without requiring skilled technicians and radiologists on site

Presenting Companies:

Advanced Scanners

Designs and builds custom high-end 3D surface scanners, with its first application being for monitoring brain shift. Our unique system determines the full-color 3D surface shape of objects with high accuracy and with greater coverage than other technologies. Besides monitoring brain shift, we are developing capabilities for touchless patient registration techniques for cranial and spine surgeries and touchless real-time optical biopsy of in-vivo tissue to distinguish and diagnose cancers, i.e. brain cancers and melanoma.

Alpha Szenszor (aka ASI)

Carbon nanotube-based sensor devices for health and wellness applications

Aspisafe Solutions

A feeding tube with a communicating balloon technology to prevent aspiration pneumonias.

Cranial Waves Medical

Non-invasive, artificial intelligence-based neuro monitoring products  

MediSieve Limited

Developing a medical device enabled therapeutic called “magnetic blood filtration” (MBF), a revolutionary method of treating blood-borne diseases by removing pathogens, toxins or other targets directly from a patient’s bloodstream.

Spire Health

Provides a Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) solution for patients with chronic diseases, particularly COPD. The Spire Health RPM platform continuously monitors respiratory patterns and other physiological metrics, notifying providers of changes in patient health. Spire Health’s solution has the potential to identify and predict health events, enable early interventions, and prevent hospital admissions.


Neurovascular stent with distal protection


The first true dry electrode EEG system cleared for clinical use by FDA

Presenting Companies:

Amnion Life

AmnioBed - a neonatal incubator system incorporating a synthetic amniotic fluid bath to decrease environmental heat and water loss and intended to decrease critical and long-term complications common in preterm birth (PTB) infants by recreating core conditions of an in womb environment.

Arete Medical Technologies

Medical devices and software for precision, personalised, and preventative management of chronic diseases.  Initial target application is for remote monitoring of people with severe / unstable chronic lung conditions.

ExplORer Surgical

ExplORer Surgical is an interactive surgical playbook that promotes optimal teamwork and data collection in the operating room, procedural suite and training environment. A cloud-based platform, our product, ExplORer Live, is an iOS and Android-based app that provides tailored, procedural technique guides for any member of the surgical team (surgeon, nurse, scrub tech, device representative, etc.). Used during live procedures or in training, ExplORer is customized for any physician's preferences or any device's implant technique. 

GreenBone Ortho

Bone regenerating, load-bearing implants to treat severe fractures and conditions such as trauma and tumors that result in extensive bone loss


Dermatology and wound healing using plant-based human skin substitute. Extra Cellular Matrix protein patch to heal a full thickness wound with minimal to no scarring, intact hair follicles and sweat glands. The technology is also sprayable at a patient's bedside for touch free application to burns and diabetic foot ulcers.

Simulare Medical

Simulare Medical's anatomically accurate, high fidelity simulators and training programs bridge the "training gap", accelerating the learning process to enhance a surgeon's level of competence through repeated practice.


Created the first-on-market simultaneous 18-lead ECG patch with a dedicated device and mobile app. The patch is wireless, radiolucent and applied in under 15 seconds. SmartMedics’ mission is to detect STEMI’s earlier, for use in home monitoring and cardiac telerehabilitation, while our future lies in algorithm development. 

Strados Labs

Strados Labs has developed the first revolution in lung health since the stethoscope with a remote pulmonary monitoring system that integrates a discreet audio device with a clinically validated, algorithm-based technology platform.


Yostra develops innovative diagnostic and therapeutic solutions for diabetic foot complications. Our products include NEURO TOUCH - a point of care screening device for Peripheral Neuropathy, SPANDA - a point of care device for vascular diagnostics and KADAM - therapeutic solution for chronic wounds.

Presenting Companies:

AVVie (Angel Valve Vienna) GmbH

AVVie GmbH has created a unique technology for cardiac mitral valve prolapse repair; the Mitral Butterfly® implant. The implant offers minimally invasive reconstruction of the mitral valve for degenerative mitral regurgitation (DMR), or mitral valve prolapse (MVP), due to elongation or rupture of the chordal apparatus. The device consists of a nitinol stent and a PTFE (polymer) matrix, which represents artificial chordae. It can be delivered either surgically or via a transvascular approach onto the compromised segment of the valve in a minimally invasive procedure, with no need for open-heart surgery.

Adan Medical Innovation

Our technology combines an app with a smartcase for autoinjectors to help patients manage their condition. Our first product, anAPPhylaxis, is for allergic individuals that have to carry at all times 2 epinephrine autoinjectors to prevent death in case of anaphylaxis, an extreme allergic reaction.

AuriGen Medical

Left atrial appendage implant technology for the treatment of medication-resistant longstanding persistent atrial fibrillation

Cleveland Diagnostics

CDx is a development stage diagnostics company with a proprietary technology and ready to market high-performance, low-cost blood-based tests for early detection and diagnosis of cancer, when it can be treated and cured.

Impleo Medical

Company is developing a device therapy for Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD). The device is injected in the lower esophagus in a one-time procedure during GI endoscopy with no overnight hospital stay.

Medical Ingenuities

Radial artery occlusion device that achieves and confirms patent hemostasis

Suono Bio

Use of low frequency ultrasound to deliver unformulated therapeutics such as mRNA, siRNA, macromolecules directly into tissue. Initial focus on gastrointestional system and skin diseases.


We are on a mission to close more wounds. Our technology allows surgeons to quickly yet gently stretch skin and close wounds that are not able to be closed with standard suture technique. This makes a whole category or wounds that usually require a skin graft or skin flap now closeable in a simple linear fashion. Our target market is skin cancer surgery.


The TwinFlo™ Catheter is designed to treat and protect the ischemic brain by providing rapid and selective cerebral hypothermia. It will offer a major advancement to the technology and treatment paradigms available to patients facing serious neurological damage and death. The unique design of TwinFlo™ results in more rapid and deeper localized cooling of the brain, while maintaining the remainder of the body at normal temperature (selective hypothermia). This differs from other hypothermia treatments that are unable to bring the brain to a sufficiently low temperature without significant total-body cooling and detrimental systemic effects. The design also permits selective drug and/or device delivery concurrent with the hypothermia treatment.

Presenting Companies:

AMB Surgical II

AMB Surgical's groundbreaking, patented technology is intended to reduce the necessity for invasive and repetitive surgery in children and teens with orthopedic deformities such as scoliosis and limb abnormalities. FLYTE™ smart automated growing rod technology is a sophisticated electro-mechanical, software activated device to provide real-time biomechanical feedback to guide treatment, as well as, allow surgeons to perform accurate, non-surgical skeletal adjustments.

C. Light Technologies

C. Light Technologies is a neurotech and machine learning company that uses novel eye motion technology to revolutionize the detection, monitoring, and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases (starting with multiple sclerosis). We apply advanced machine learning algorithms to the patterns of eye motion to provide objective and clinically actionable metrics in order to monitor disease progression and drug efficacy. With eye-tracking technology 120-150x better than commercially available pupil trackers, the TSLO generates 10+ data points that have never previously existed, which can be commoditized and advance medical science. Future Applications include: Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and concussions.


We are an early stage medical device company developing a product called the HeArTPAD™ intended to treat persistent atrial fibrillation. It is a novel, minimally invasive, video-guided surgical approach (sub-xiphoid or laparoscopic/trans-diaphragmatic) to ablate the posterior wall of the left atrium that can be used concomitantly with an EP catheter ablation. The HeArTPAD Cryo-Ablation System will employ a continuous, high flow rate of very cold gas through a maze like pattern within a broad, flat pad to ablate atrial tissue and overcome the heat sink of blood flowing within the left atrium.


DermaSensor, Inc. is a connected device company that enables healthcare professionals to efficiently check for skin cancer by leveraging cutting edge technologies. The DermaSensor device is an affordable handheld tool that uses artificial intelligence and spectroscopy to evaluate skin lesions for potential skin cancer in a matter of seconds.

EPIC Neuro

An early stage medical device company built around a patented minimally invasive brain stimulation technology used in stroke rehabilitation. The miniature-sized EPIC device is inserted into a burr hole in the skull and is externally powered, providing stimulation to either cortical or deep structures. EPIC is far less invasive than existing technology with a much shorter procedure, lower cost, fewer complications, and faster recovery time. It involves no tunneled leads or battery changes, and is easily removable.

EasyDx (dba LifeHealth)

LifeHealth is one of only three companies in the world that manufactures bedside point of care blood gas analysis systems. LifeHealth has recently released a new, best in class analyzer and is early in development on a new, best in class single use disposable cartridge. This new solution will lead to significant penetration of the point of care critical care blood diagnostics market segment.

Empirical Spine

LimiFlex is a lumbar spinal implant for sciatica patients suffering from degenerative spondylolisthesis (DS), the most common diagnosis leading to lumbar spinal fusion. Current treatments for DS include standalone decompression, with a high risk of recurrence, or decompression plus fusion, a highly invasive surgery with higher morbidity and increased risk of adjacent segment degeneration. LimiFlex offers the benefits of segmental stability, like fusion, while preserving motion, reducing long-term risk, procedure invasiveness, and recovery time. In addition, LimiFlex is usually performed as an outpatient procedure, matching the current clinical trends and saving cost while increasing patient satisfaction. LimiFlex is completely reversible and thus preserves future surgical options.

Forest Devices

Pre-hospital stroke identification--an ECG for the brain.

Green Sun Medical

Green Sun Medical was founded to develop innovative treatments to address Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis and Kyphosis. We are developing a dynamic orthotic that will aid in correcting these spinal deformities. The Green Sun Medical device is the first orthotic to address directly the complex biomechanics of Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis (AIS). Additionally Bluetooth connected sensors will allow patients and physicians to ensure proper treatment is being provided.


AioCare device is a personal, connected and ultra-portable spirometer with a dedicated mobile application for a smartphone. The device is capable of measuring all important and widely used spirometry parameters including: FVC, FEV1, FEV1/FVC, PEF, FEF 25-75, etc. Additionally, the device measures heart rate and ambient environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, and pressure). AioCare works with iOS and Android operating systems. It is designed for self-monitoring by patients suffering from asthma, COPD and cystic fibrosis. AioCare is also available for physicians to examine their patient's spirometry parameters in-hospital/outpatient settings, with examination results available in the application and the AioCare Health Cloud.

Hil Applied Medical

HIL Applied Medical is developing ultra-compact, high-performance systems for cancer Proton Therapy.


Histologics manufactures and markets Internationally multi-patented evidence-based (proven) and burgeoning commercialized technology to acquire a-traumatic mucosal biopsies and perform less traumatic wound care debridement. This replaces traumatic sharp instruments with a patient friendly brush-biopsy approach. The devices employ a proprietary medical fabric "Kylon®", attached to several applicator devices to allow for minimally invasive trans-epithelial and dermal tissue sampling/biopsy and the automatic trapping of specimens for easy transport for laboratory analysis.


LivOnyx Inc. is developing a rapid hand disinfection system to reduce healthcare associated infections (HAIs) using its proprietary, patented thinSpray technology and antiseptic LVNX-001. There is an unmet need for a hand hygiene solution that takes no more than 3-5 seconds, leaves hands dry, facilitates hand health, is portable to optimize workflow around the patient, and is effective against the pathogen Clostridium difficile, a leading cause of HAIs in hospitals.


We create smart, connected visual assessment solutions for women's health clinicians to screen for cervical cancer and replace expensive and time-consuming laboratory tests with point-of-care AI-based decision support.

NanoVault Medical

Cellular & Biotherapeutics Delivery: utilizing nanotechnology-derived materials to address chronic and costly diseases, These include diabetes related insulin- dependency, a near 100 year old, $43 Billion industry.

Paragate Medical

Paragate Medical is an innovative device company, aiming to revolutionize heart failure management by introducing the first ever fully implantable device to actively and continuously prevent fluid overload in congestive heart failure patients.

Sana Health

Digital medicine substituting pain killers with brain entrainment technology Deep relaxation on demand & Longterm reduction of baseline pain

Serenno Medical

Serenno Medical is developing a robust, hands free, automatic and low cost Urine Output monitoring device for the ICU, assisting in AKI detection and prevention.

Vascular Genesis

Vascular Genesis is building a vascular regeneration platform with its line of cell-free, synthetic scaffold products, eliminating the need for tissue donation, immune suppressants, and the ever-present risk of transplant rejection. Our first product offering is a resorbable arteriovenous (AV) graft for dialysis access. The graft will degrade over a scheduled period of time and allow the body to create a new native tissue fistula for continual dialysis access. The graft is designed to match the compliance of the native artery/vein to which it attaches. Its self-healing capabilities will allow it to achieve stasis (stop bleeding) faster than competing products.

VerteCore Technologies

VerteCore Technologies is a medical device development company which creates products addressing orthopedic niche markets. Thru creating innovative medical devices for ambulatory, non- surgical treatment of spinal disorders, we offer a novel approach to back and neck pain treatment, enabling rapid recovery while helping eliminate the need for hospitalization, drugs, and surgery. Three versions of the company's lead device have already been designed with the participation of leading physicians in the orthopedic field. Multiple Patent Pending statuses have been obtained and patent assignment provided into the company.


Voxello develops pioneering technology providing severely impaired patients the ability to communicate with caregivers and family effectively. Voxello developed the noddle® and noddle-chat to reduce adverse events, achieve better outcomes, and improve patient satisfaction while returning a sizable ROI to the hospital. Using any voluntary gesture such as a tongue click or minimal movement such as a head nod, a patient can access the nurse call and the noddle-chat, which is a speech generation device to communicate.

Presenting Companies:

AIT Therapeutics (aka Advanced Inhalation Therapies) (NASDAQ:AITPU)

AIT has a nitirc oxide (NO) generator and delivery system. The device generates NO from ambient air and can deliver it to a patient's lungs via a breathing circuit and mask or through a ventilator. The device is powered through any standard electrical outlet and should, upon certain regulatory approvals, be used anywhere in the hospital or at home.

Alpha Tau Medical

Alpha Tau Medical focuses on research, development, and commercialization of Alpha DaRT (Diffusing Alpha-Emitters Radiation Therapy) for the treatment of solid tumors.

Auctus Surgical

Auctus is developing a system to treat pediatric scoliosis with non-fusion surgical system - an internal brace or sorts. Our growth modulation system includes a tether affixed to the anterior/lateral portion of the vertebral bodies. As the child grows the spine straightens over time. Our system includes a non-surgical adjustable component that allows for further increasing or reduction in tension over time.

Elbe Valley Medical

We are developing a therapy for treating large and aggressive cancer tumours which are beyond treatment with conventional therapies.


Embody is a medical device company developing collagen-based implants for the treatment of tendon and ligament injuries.


Promaxo is a medical technology company that develops and commercializes office-based modular MRI and MRI based technologies. The Company is currently focused on advancing the solutions for prostate disease management and other urology and pelvic conditions.


Sparo has developed Lift Pulmonary Rehab a digital, home-based rehab program designed for seniors, helping increase energy and endurance, reduce shortness of breath, and improve quality of life.


Steadiwear inc has developed the Steadi-One. A lightweight, compact and responsive exoskeleton that resists tremors in Essential Tremor and Parkinson's disease. It uses our novel & battery free technology to stabilize tremors (>2Hz) while allowing voluntary motion(<2Hz).

TAS Medical

TAS Medical will revolutionize abdominal surgery. We are dedicated to saving healthcare millions of dollars while improving the outcomes of ventral hernia repair. Our mission is to provide an alternative to mesh for ventral hernia repairs. Convert ventral hernia procedures from a costly open repair to a minimally invasive laparoscopic repair. Develop first to market tension measurement device for abdominal surgery. Our Trans Abdominal Strap has the strong potential to eliminate the need for mesh in many ventral hernia repairs and to convert procedures from a highly morbid open surgery to a minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery.

Presenting Companies:

All Clear Diagnostics (aka ACDx) (fka Matryx Group)

ACDx uses novel, patented algorithms, AI and advanced functions to reduce MRI-impacting artifacts to improve image quality & patient safety monitoring, reduce exam times and deliver enhanced decision-support data.

BioSig Technologies

Advanced signal processing technology designed to provide enhanced real-time, precise and uninterrupted information for clinical decision-making during electrophysiology studies and ablation procedures


Simplifying sleep apnea diagnostics with acoustics.

Cam Med

Cam Med is developing the Evopump, the first truly bandage-like, actively controllable patch pump for delivering one or multiple injectable medications.

Consensus Orthopedics

TracPatch Wearable medical device for pre and post-op patient monitoring, patient engagement, data analytics and post op cost reduction. Consensus also designs, markets and sells knee and hip replacement implants.


CorInnova is developing a non-blood contacting biventricular cardiac assist device to treat end stage heart failure (HF).

Deep 6 AI

We build applications that understand massive amounts of unstructured data at a very high speed and learn from users to single out the information that is most important to them. We apply artificial intelligence and natural language processing to all clinical data to find eligible patients for clinical trials faster, accelerating recruitment exponentially and getting cures to the people quicker.

Fertility Focus

Direct to Consumer ovulation monitoring device operating on a Software as a Service model

Mimetis Biomaterials

Mimetis Biomaterials designs, manufactures and commercializes 4th generation biomimetic bone graft substitutes for dental and orthopedic indications.

Opus KSD

Opus KSD has successfully developed the SubQ It! Bioabsorbable Skin Closure System, for closing surgical incisions. The SubQ It! stapler inserts a patented bioabsorbable fastener subcutaneously, never piercing the external skin, offering the surgeon the speed and ease of use of a metal stapler and the patient lowered risk of infection and no need to return for staple removal.


PhotoniCare is a medical device company that has developed a low-cost, handheld imaging platform that uses light to see through tissue. Our first product on this platform is a device that can see through the eardrum to visualize the middle ear without cutting the eardrum open. We have subsequent products in ophthalmic, dental, and consumer applications.


Physcient develops new surgical instruments that speed surgery, expand surgeons abilities, and improve outcomes by combining proprietary insights into the mechanics of tissues with advanced technologies from other industries. Our lead technology, the Differential Dissector replaces centuries old technology and allows a surgeon to safely dissect tissues more rapidly, displacing instruments that contribute to hundreds of thousands of severe surgical complications each year in the US.


SELFA is a medical device company based on a semiconductor biosensor with extraordinary sensitivity, scalable multiplexing, simultaneous protein and nucleic acid quantitation.

Smart Medical Devices

Smart Medical Devices, Inc., a company founded by surgeons for surgeons, developed the revolutionary dual-motor SMARTdrill® to improve patient outcomes in orthopedic surgery. Only the SMARTdrill® measures depth, prevents plunge, measures bone density, reduces waste, provides real-time performance data, and uploads the data to a global bone database.


SweetBio is revolutionizing the healing of dental and chronic wounds through our Manuka honey-incorporated, biodegradable medical devices.

Zelegent (fka Snorx)

Zelegent is developing a Single-Use Kit used by Otolaryngologists to perform a minimally invasive office procedure to shorten and stiffen the soft palate to treat snoring.

Presenting Companies:

Avancen MOD

Patient controlled analgesia device for pain management

Betalin Therapeutics

Tissue engineering alternative for insulin therapy in diabetes

CSD Labs (aka Computational Signal Detection Laboratories)

Clinically verified medical software for the objective, automated detection of heart defects

ClearCut Medical

Magnetic resonance imaging system intended for the assessment of the margins of excised breast lumps taken from breast cancer patients undergoing breast-conserving surgery or lumpectomy procedures

ContinUse Biometrics

Sensor platform that can continuously monitor physiological state, including heart and respiratory rate, blood flow dynamics, and muscle activity, from a distance of up to several hundred meters


Non-intrusive patient monitoring systems that facilitate timely intervention for cardiac/respiratory deterioration

Efferent Labs

Implantable biosensor technology designed to serve as a real-time monitoring system, using living cells to assess cellular function in vivo


Compression stocking made from smart materials that mimics rhythmic calf muscle contractions and stimulates blood flow

Flowonix Medical (fka Medasys)

Implantable, programmable pump designed to deliver therapeutic drugs into the spine, for the treatment of chronic intractable pain and the management of severe spasticity

Genomic Expression (aka GEx)

Genomic Expression have made RNA sequencing actionable in oncology: we are finding the best drug for the patient and the best patient for the drug

ID-Nest Medical

Easy-to-use and compliant 'click-connect' stenting system to treat venous and arterial diseases


Advanced tissue welding enabled by cold plasma

LifeWave Biomedical

Developing a digital health, non-invasive RF sensor and AI analytics system that improves care management of patients living with: 1) respiratory distress and lung diseases and 2) congestive heart failure (CHF) in hospital, ambulatory, and home settings.


Game-based rehabilitation devices and exercises for patients with neurological, central nervous system, and musculoskeletal injuries such as stroke


FDA approved, wearable, dry electrode based real time ambulatory ECG for long term monitoring of at risk population

NuCryo Vascular

A cryoplasty balloon dilatation system

OB Smart

A home use device to accurately measure dilation and effacement of the cervix


Non-invasive, rapid, quantitative measurement of metabolic health of the retina using a novel spectroscopic biomarker


Pre- and post-surgical patient care app, to help improve outcomes and lower complications and costs after joint replacement surgery


Real-time, non-invasive medical imaging to provide immediate visualization and quantification of blood flow and perfusion without injections/dyes, radiation or the need for direct patient contact

Robin Medical

New core biopsy technology that has been optimized to minimize the duration of image-guided biopsy procedures while addressing the specific needs of targeted medicine - to better preserve biomarker, to maximize the ratio between biopsy sample size and needle size, to streamline and automate the processing of the biopsy samples in the pathology lab.

Stepscan Technologies (fka ViTRAK Systems)

Movement tracking and gait profiling technology company with solutions for medical gait analysis, security, and virtual training platforms

SurePulse Medical

Innovative heart rate monitor for newborns providing a continuous, reliable and hands-free heart rate within minutes after birth. Reduces time spent in intensive care. Technology includes a single-use Cap which integrates a sensor and a reusable Display with wireless Modules.

Vigor Medical Technologies

Life-saving innovative devices for treatment of chest trauma and for thoracic/abdominal drainage

Presenting Companies:

3R Cardio

TAVR SmartGuidewire™ allows cardiologists to monitor valve function continuously throughout transcatheter aortic heart valve replacements (TAVR) procedure providing actionable data to cardiologists during valve positioning. The TAVR SmartGuidewire™ simplifies workflow offering direct savings to hospitals and the additional data collected may be used to improve patients outcomes.

AVRA Medical Robotics (fka AVRA Surgical Microsystems)

Precision robotic guidance system with an initial focus on skin resurfacing

Camras Vision

Glaucoma drainage device that provides personalized pressure control to help stop the progression of glaucoma

Carewave Medical

Pulsed radiofrequency technology-based wearable device that provides relief of menstrual and lower-back pain


DermaTec's alcohol detection patch is unique in the alcohol detection marketplace for its multi-day usage, non-invasive application and its ability to provide a visual indication that someone has been drinking.


Developer of advanced biomedical devices that assemble scaffolding in such a way that mimics human tissue structure and directly influence cell behavior

Fischer Imaging

Improved outcomes for cancer patients using advanced imaging technology that doubles the resolution and contrast of today's mammography using less than half the x-ray dose and removes the need for painful breast compression.


India's first MedTech innovation platform, anchored by state-of-the-art R&D facilities and a network of national and global partners, to drive such innovation, and transform healthcare globally.

Life Care Medical Devices (aka LCMD)

Next-gen disruptive aesthetic medicine device technology; non-invasive and painless approach for skin-tightening, wrinkle-reduction using electromagnetic heat induction

NuvOx Pharma

Developing an innovative platform of oxygen therapeutics to treat life-threatening diseases where hypoxia plays a role.


Stethoscope accessory connected to portable devices for mobile heart sound, three-lead electrocardiogram, and cloud-based diagnostic support


Next generation of minimally invasive treatments for back pain due to disc disease.

Stasis Labs

A cloud-connected vital signs monitoring system that rescues the under-monitored patients around the world.

SurePulse Medical

Innovative heart rate monitor for newborns providing a continuous, reliable and hands-free heart rate within minutes after birth. Reduces time spent in intensive care. Technology includes a single-use Cap which integrates a sensor and a reusable Display with wireless Modules.


Blood draw diagnostic device used at home or in war zones that can be shipped through the mail to clinical labs for sample analysis

Transverse Medical

Cerebral embolic protection for transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR), cardiovascular percutaneous interventions and surgical procedures

Presenting Companies:


Advanced mechanical beds and technologies aimed to prevent and treat immobility-induced complications such as pressure ulcers (bedsores) and pulmonary complications.


Handheld point-of-care products for the screening and monitoring of mild brain injury


Technology that combines reflective pulse oximetry with an improved algorithm to enable constant and precise vital signs measurement non-invasively


Miniaturizing Automated External Defibrillators into both an ultra-portable form and into a highly compact wearable form so that they can be carried in a pocket/purse or worn clipped to a belt (by medical staff, First Responders and at-risk patients), or else worn under clothing by the patients who are most at-risk of a Sudden Cardiac Arrest


Products for optimizing the use of ionizing radiation in radiotherapy and radiology procedures through systematic in-vivo dosimetry


Endovascular Internal Shunt


Non-viral technology that allows a safe local sustained production of therapeutic proteins in the eye to address a wide range of ophthalmic diseases


Non-invasive blood glucose measurement sensor technology for mobile, tabletop and wearable applications

ID-Nest Medical

Easy-to-use and compliant 'click-connect' stenting system to treat venous and arterial diseases

IGI Technologies

Standalone box that reveals invisible targets to Interventional radiologists, so that they can perform procedures faster and with more confidence.


Device to non-invasively detect and monitor blood borne diseases in vivo, without taking blood

Intent Solutions

Smart, mobile medication dispenser


Health information technology that uses machine learning for predicting surgery complication risk and deploying risk modification interventions for surgeons

Medical 21

Artificial blood vessels using cellulose and an external support made of nitinol as an alternative to harvesting blood vessels for coronary artery bypass graft surgeries

Mespere Lifesciences

Handheld, non-invasive, real-time Central Venous Pressure (CVP) monitor for cardiology and nephrology diagnostic applications

Multisensor Diagnostics

A self-contained hand-held medical diagnostic device being designed to measure all vital signs and help those with no medical training make more intelligent healthcare decisions

N8 Medical

Effective antimicrobial coatings and compounds that are broad-spectrum and fast-acting against clinically relevant pathogens, including multi-drug resistant strains such as MRSA


Cloud-based platform that utilizes advanced brain signal processing and big data analytics for mobile, continuous monitoring and management of brain health and wellness

Nido Surgical

Minimally invasive instruments for image-guided, beating-heart surgery


Breath analysis diagnostic systems using advanced biomarker analytical technology and data analysis algorithms for next generation point of care diagnosis and management of disease.

Patrona Medical

Wireless device to detect and alert the early onset presence of a Catheter Assisted Urinary Tract Infection.

PerfAction Technologies

Non-ablative skin rejuvenation technology which produces immediate and visible aesthetic improvement together with long-term skin remodeling effects

Semler HealthPerks

Interactive mobile application dedicated to the prevention of cardiovascular disease


Ultrasound-based technology for detecting clot formation in a rapid manner following surgical anastomosis

Transverse Medical

Cerebral embolic protection for transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR), cardiovascular percutaneous interventions and surgical procedures


The leading developer of Intrabodies for neurodegenerative diseases, leveraging the safety and effectiveness of antibody technologies to address unmet medical needs.


Advanced wound care platform that provides rapid hemostasis in a clean, safe healing environment

Presenting Companies:

AVRO Life Science

Transdermal patch for the pediatric delivery of antihistamines

Abreos Biosciences

Biologic drug monitoring and precision dosing tests and point-of-care devices


Implantable micro electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) sensors that couple to a handheld reader, enables wireless and direct measurement of intraocular pressure for the management and treatment of glaucoma

Advanced Maternity Innovations

Advanced womens health technologies aimed at reducing the occurrence and associated cost of premature births.

Advanced Silicon Group

Noninvasive sensor to quantify presence of biomarkers in blood

Anagenesis Biotechnologies

Stem cell-based treatments for genetic and age-related muscle degenerative diseases with unmet medical needs

Betalin Therapeutics

Tissue engineering alternative for insulin therapy in diabetes

BioSculpture Technology (aka BST)

Medical devices and procedures for optimizing fat distribution and metabolism and for tissue aspiration and processing, with targeted applications for: the bariatric market; the liposuction and body sculpting market; and fat autograft and adipocyte-derived stem cell processing and reinjection markets

Biospecimen Technologies

Proprietary devices for the collection, handling and processing of blood samples for testing and for therapeutic products.

Cibiem (fka Coridea)

Minimally invasive, catheter-based approach focused on Carotid Body Modulation(TM) (CBM) for the treatment of sympathetic nervous system-mediated diseases such as hypertension, heart failure, diabetes, and renal failure

Daidalos Solutions

Technologies for making cardiac procedures less invasive by replacing hand suturing with sutureless techniques through use of memory metals, like nitinol, as well as tissue glue

EDGe Surgical

Digital depth gauge for the orthopedics and spine surgery market

Efferent Labs

Implantable biosensor technology designed to serve as a real-time monitoring system, using living cells to assess cellular function in vivo


Compression stocking made from smart materials that mimics rhythmic calf muscle contractions and stimulates blood flow


A system of immobilization and rehabilitation for orthopedics and musculoskeletal injuries


Innovative therapies for serious liver disease.

Highland Innovation Centre

Ultrasound instrument that combines light and doppler technology to monitor the efficacy of advanced breast cancer therapies; also offers a light-only version for home health

ID-Nest Medical

Easy-to-use and compliant 'click-connect' stenting system to treat venous and arterial diseases

Intuity Medical (fka Rosedale Medical)

Blood glucose monitoring system designed to integrate test strips, the lancing device, and lancets into one compact glucose meter

Lab Sensor Solutions

A mobile sensor platform to help laboratories improve compliance via data analytics and sensor tracking for samples that require close monitoring

Laser Associated Sciences

Non-invasive, laser-based medical device that measures peripheral blood flow

Lightpoint Medical

Molecular imaging technology to detect cancer in real-time during surgery, such as during breast cancer surgery

Lynx Biosciences (aka LynxBio)

Predictive technologies to individualize blood cancer therapy.


The first non-hormonal, medical device treatment for vaginal dryness and atrophy in breast cancer survivors

Magnetic Insight

Magnetic particle imaging technology


A healthcare IT tool for assisting nurses and doctors in helping newborns with a billion dollar addressable market, with significant big data opportunities

NERv Technology

An implantable biochip to monitor a patient's health after surgery

ODS Medical

Surgical guidance tools to improve accuracy and completeness of cancer surgical procedures

PhotoSonix Medical

A technology combining ultrasound with blue light to target biofilm-based infections including acne

Portela Soni Medical

Indwelling urinary catheter designed to reduce catheter-associated urinary tract infections

Prescient Surgical

A portfolio of products for the prevention of surgical site infection (SSI)


A three-layered biological patch, called the LeucoPatch, which can be derived without additives from the patient's blood within 20 minutes; used for chronically non-healing and debilitating wounds


Biological implants with applications in facial reconstruction and various other areas including intervertebral disc repair and articular cartilage repair.


The first automated and wearable clinical medical device for earwax removal


Imaging device for surgeons to immediately visualize and assess "quantified" bloodflow during surgery to identify and reduce complications and save lives in bypass, other cardiovascular, transplants, plastics, and other therapies


Biocompatible surgical mesh with high tensile stiffness and strength, similar to native tendon, that is sutured over torn or degenerative tissue as a reinforcement to surgical repair to allow for rapid tissue in-growth


Blood draw diagnostic device used at home or in war zones that can be shipped through the mail to clinical labs for sample analysis

Transverse Medical

Cerebral embolic protection for transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR), cardiovascular percutaneous interventions and surgical procedures


All-in-one hysteroscopy system enabling doctors to perform hysteroscopic procedures wth superior visualization in an office setting


Implantable device for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia

nView Medical

Next generation medical imaging technology to enable minimally invasive surgical procedures

Presenting Companies:

ARC Connected Health (aka ARC Devices)

ARC is harnessing the power of cutting edge medical sensor technology to revolutionize non-invasive vital sign measurement solutions to significantly improve efficiency and the patient experience.


AcuityBio's mission is to prevent post-surgical cancer recurrence in early stage cancer patients using localized drug delivery.

Avisa Pharma

Rapid point-of-care breath test for detecting active tuberculosis, and other respiratory diseases


Endoscopically delivered devices focused on slowing gastric emptying, to treat all stages of obesity

Biovigil Hygiene Technologies

Electronic hand hygiene compliance system for use in healthcare facilities

Carmell Therapeutics

Biologically active plastic surgical patch for rotator cuff and tendon injuries, designed to promote healing and formation of new bone

Colospan (fka Cologuard)

Colorectal surgery technology aiming to prevent the profound clinical and economic pains associated with colorectal anastomotic leaks and diverting stomas


ConcentRx is a preclinical stage company with a patented Immunotherapy developed for Ovarian, Breast and Lymphoma. Outside of the body we activate a patient's or a donor's white cells with a proprietary and specific activation protocol to induce enrichment and selection of NK-T cells home to and target selectively tumor cells. Prior to infusion into the patient the NK-T cells are allowed to take up a tumor lysis agent for selective killing of the tumor cells. In preclinical animal models of disease our therapy is active against chemo therapy resistant cells of multiple tumor types and reduces the recurrence of disease.

D&P Bioinnovations

Implantable, bioresorbable medical device to functionally regenerate a damaged esophagus

Implandata Ophthalmic Products (aka IOP)

24-hour intraocular pressure monitoring of glaucoma patients by a telemetric, implantable micro sensor


Novel medical devices for the worldwide ophthalmic surgery market

Linear Health Sciences

Breakaway valve technology to prevent unwanted disconnection of medical tubing from patients

Magentiq Eye

Software technology to aid doctors in endoscopic procedures, that incorporates cutting edge video manipulation, computer vision and machine learning


An implant designed to cure glaucoma, the leading cause of irreversible blindness in the world


Platform regenerative technology to engineer tissue, by returning blood flow to dying organs

PARE Surgical Solutions

1-A ratcheting 2.7mm percutaneous access grasper and 2-An electrosurgical pencil which lights up the surgical site with 3 bright LEDs powered by two Li-ion batteries contained within the pencil


An FDA Class I, external neuro-stimulation medical device clinically shown to immediately reduce the blood pressure of hypertensive patients, via controlled cold therapy


UV LED-based medical treatment devices to treat ailments ranging from Vitamin D deficiency to multiple sclerosis


Catheter technology platform designed to combine lung imaging - using the world's smallest surgical camera - physiologic metrics, in vivo diagnostics, recannulation and in vivo drug delivery into a micro invasive surgical solution for lung cancer and other pulmonary diseases such as asthma

Stroma Medical

A laser procedure that removes the brown pigment (melanin) from the top layer of the iris, in order to change human eye color (to blue) permanently

Transverse Medical

Cerebral embolic protection for transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR), cardiovascular percutaneous interventions and surgical procedures


Vascor is a pre-clinical company that has developed and patented a failsafe non-rotary implantable counter pulsation heart assist device that is powered by a transcutaneous energy transmission system. The Vascor Ventricular Assist Device (VAD) overcomes the shortcomings of existing devices, which will result in improved efficacy and safety for patients with advanced heart failure.

Virtu Surgical

Reinvented surgical robotics with the creation of a prototype for a transportable, compact and precise surgical robotic system. This system allows for higher precision-to the cellular level-and now provides tactile feedback to the surgeon's hand as well as new previously unavailable surgical movements. It also will prove effective in new surgical fields beyond hysterectomy and prostatectomy.

Woven Orthopedic Technologies

A medical device company that designs and develops specialized orthopedic solutions for the aging population (Orthogeriatric patients).


Knotless tissue repair and attachment devices