Novel Solutions for the Management of Heart Failure - Innovative Companies Featured at the Emerging Medtech Summit

Published on Jul 20, 2019

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Heart failure and CHF are some of the most costly chronic conditions to treat due to the severity and progression of the disease. A review published in the American Journal of Medicine estimates that the annual cost of treating heart failure among Medicaid beneficiaries ranges from $29,271 to $51,937. Despite advances in cardiovascular disease management, improvements in the mortality rates of heart failure patients has lagged behind other chronic conditions. In order to address the burden that heart failure poses, next-generation solutions are essential.

In February 2020, 100 venture funded medtech startups will gather at the Emerging Medtech Summit to share their investment and strategic partnering needs with an audience of active investors and strategic buyers (companies like Johnson & Johnson, Medtronic, Boston Scientific, Abbott, among others).  Several companies that will be presenting are developing innovations for the monitoring and treatment of heart failure. A few companies are listed below.

In order to improve the clinical management of congestive heart failure patients LifeWave Biomedical is developing a non-invasive lung sensor to provide daily measurements of lung fluids and respiratory parameters. The sensor connects to a smartphone/cloud-based application to provide healthcare providers with the data necessary to improve patient management and reduce healthcare costs.

Vectorious’ V-LAP microcomputer is designed to provide physicians with real-time left atrial pressure measurements to effectively manage heart failure patients and reduce hospitalizations. The V-LAP system is a wireless, battery-free microcomputer that is implanted via a minimally-invasive catheterization procedure.

CorInnova’s EpicHeart brings soft robotic technology that conforms to the exterior of the heart to improve cardiac output. The company states that the device will bring an accessible alternative to the many heart failure patients that are contraindicated for left ventricular assist devices (LVADs) that could prevent or reverse the progression of the disease.

FineHeart is developing the ICOMS system to improve cardiac output in heart failure patients. The ICOMS system is described as a “unique technology between a pacemaker and a LVAD” that can be implanted through a mini-left thoracotomy. Featuring two programmable modes (systole-synchronized or continuous), the ICOMS system can be programmed to specific patient requirements for personalized heart failure therapy.

It is estimated that heart failure affects over 26 million people worldwide with devastating mortality rates and a massive economic burden exceeding $100 billion per year. Innovative solutions for the treatment of heart failure show promise to improve the current outlook on heart failure, which has claimed many lives and challenged healthcare systems.

Come learn more about the advances in heart failure technology from these companies, and many other medtech innovators at the Emerging Medtech Summit.

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