Medtech Startups: Truvian Sciences, Virtual Incision, BresoTEC, & more

Published on Mar 1, 2021

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Truvian Sciences raises $105M in oversubscribed Series C financing

Funds from the round will be put towards accelerating FDA submission and commercialization for the company’s compact and fully automated benchtop system. The technology is being developed to provide healthcare providers with lab-quality results from a small sample of blood. In addition, the platform is intended to be an affordable diagnostic solution compared to the alternative - off-site labs. To-date, the company has more than $150M. Some of the leading strategics in the diagnostic testing market include BD, Illumina, and Roche.

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Virtual Incision
– robotic surgery with a small footprint

The MIRA platform developed by Virtual Incision is a small, two pound, robotic surgery system. The platform has two arms with six degrees of motion and an articulating camera that is being designed to triangulate with the two arms of the system. MIRA is controlled by two input devices that interface with the surgeon’s hands and four foot pedals that control the camera, clutching, and left and right arm instrument energy (i.e. electrocautery). The technology is being developed with a focus on colon resection, with new applications to be developed in the future.  Virtual Incision has raised approximately $66M to-date. Intuitive Surgical, Medtronic, and Stryker are top competitors/strategics in the surgical robotics market.

Virtual Incision is a presenting company at Life Science Intelligence’s 2021 Emerging Medtech Summit.

SpectraWAVE is developing a technology to identify patients at risk of future coronary adverse events

1 in 5 patients undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) experience an adverse event within 2 years. SpectraWAVE is developing an imaging platform that utilizes photonics to assess plaque in the walls of arteries of patients following PCI. With this technology, interventional cardiologists will be able to optimize planned interventions and evaluate residual plaque that could result in future complications. In February 2021, SpectraWAVE closed a Series A round for $13.2M. With the closing of this round, the company has raised approximately $29.6M. Key strategics in the interventional cardiology imaging market include Canon Medical, GE Healthcare, and Siemens.

Pixium Vison – a retinal implant to restore vision

Prima Vision is a that is comprised of a wireless retinal implant, pocket processer, and pair of glasses with a video camera and digital projector. Images captured by the mounted camera are processed and sent to a wireless photovoltaic implant placed at the back of the eye under the retina. The electrical stimulation excites the bipolar nerve cells of the retina to induce visual perception in the brain. Pixium Vision has raised approximately $40.2M in total funding. 

Pixium Vision is a presenting company at Life Science Intelligence’s 2021 Emerging Medtech Summit.

Transit Scientific – catheter-based solutions to address unmet needs in interventional cardiology

The company offers two FDA cleared catheters – XO Cross and XO Score. XO Score is a percutaneous transluminal angioplasty cutting and scoring balloon catheter for preparing vessels with challenging stenoses. XO Cross is a cost-effective catheter solution designed to facilitate guidewire exchange across complex lesions, including chronic total occlusions. Abbott, Boston Scientific, and Medtronic are the market leaders in the global interventional cardiology market.

BresoTEC – simplifying the diagnosis of sleep apnea

The company develops and commercializes its BresoDX platform. BresoDX captures breath sounds and head movements during sleep. Using proprietary acoustic and accelerometer technology, the device analyzes breathing during sleep to diagnose sleep apnea. BresoTEC is currently in the final stages of development for a next-generation device that will be marketed in the US. Key strategics include Novasom, Philips, and ResMed.  

BresoTEC is a presenting company at Life Science Intelligence’s 2021 Emerging Medtech Summit.

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