Jun 9, 2020

Medtech Startups Competing with Medtronic, J&J, Boston Scientific

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VenoStent is developing a novel memory polymer for intravascular devices
The company is seeking to improve venous access in hemodialysis patients with its novel shape memory polymer technology. To-date the company has raised $1.3M. Key strategics in this market include: BD, Merit Medical, and W.L Gore.

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ScoutCam is miniaturizing endosurgical tools and imaging solutions
Specializing in endosurgical tools, ScoutCam has raised approximately $2M. The company has developed a camera with an outer diameter of 1.2mm x 5mm. Some of the key strategics in this market include: Ethicon, Olympus, and Cook Medical.

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Medtech unicorn Grail has now raised approximately $2B
The company recently completed a round of Series D fundraising worth approximately $390M. Grail is developing a liquid biopsy to help detect cancer in its earliest stages. The liquid biopsy and molecular diagnostics market is home to a number of major players, including Illumina, Qiagen, and Guardant Health, among others.

CorVent Medical is developing a single-patient ventilator for better infection control and affordability
The CorVent Single-Use Ventilator is a cost-effective solution for healthcare providers in critical care settings. A May 2020 seed financing round raised $4.5M for the company to pursue regulatory approval via the US FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) Act. Philips, Hamilton Medical, and Draeger are some of the other key players in the ventilator technologies market.

GATT Technologies is developing a novel, synthetic, biodegradable platform for hemostasis
The company currently offers surgical sealants (tapes & sprays) and hemostats (patches & powders). The synthetic polymer, NHS-POx, provides tissue-adhesive properties for improved hemostatic/sealant capabilities. GATT Technologies has raised approximately $11.5M as of May 2020.

Combining machine learning and genome sequencing, Day Zero Diagnostics is developing novel testing solutions for infectious diseases
By combining analysis of bacterial DNA, machine learning, and an antimicrobial database, Day Zero Diagnostics is seeking to improve healthcare delivery in hospitals. The company, which has raised approximately $17.8M, enters a market with major competitors such as Qiagen, Roche, and Illumina.  

Pulmonx offers a novel, implantable bronchial valve for the treatment of emphysema
The Zephyr Endobrachial Valve System is an implantable bronchial valve used to reduce over inflation of the lungs in adults with severe emphysema. Pulmonx has raised approximately $276.9M. Other major competitors in this market incldue Boston Scientific, Novatech, and Medtronic.

A novel, implantable solution for severe urinary incontinence is being developed by UroMems
UroMems implantable solution compensates for sphincter insufficiency in patients with severe urinary incontinence. The company has raised approximately $32.9M. Key strategics in this market include: Urologix, Boston Scientific, and Medtronic, among others.

Solius’ photobiologic treatment to improve and support physical, mental, and immune function
Licensed by Health Canada, Solius’ UVB kiosks deliver safe and effective light therapy to patients, without the harmful UVA rays. The company has completed two funding rounds, with the latest funding round (Series B) occurring in May 2020.

Genetesis is utilizing non-invasive, biomagnetic technology to perform cardiac density mapping
The CardioFlux Magnetocardiograph is a non-invasive biomagentic measurement system that acquires biomagnetic data within 90 seconds. To-date, the company has raised $18.2M. The market for cardiovascular devices is one of the largest in medtech. Some of the leaders in the cardiovascular devices’ market are Abbott, Boston Scientific, and Medtronic.

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