Mar 25, 2020

Impact of 2020 Crisis on Global Medical Devices & Diagnostics Market: New Forecasts from HRI & LSI


In the latest report available in LSI's Medtech Pro Platform, Impact of 2020 Crisis on Global Medical Devices & Diagnostics Market, new forecasts and analysis based on the impact of COVID-19 are provided. More specifically, the report details the impact of the crisis annually for 2020 through 2025 on:

  • Surgical Caseloads by Major Type
  • 30+ Technology Markets by Major Type
  • Markets by Major Geography
  • Clinical Markets by Major Type

The forecasts and timelines are presented using two scenarios. The first assumes the current crisis will extend no more than 90 days, enabling the market to largely recover within the next 12-18 months. The second assumes the crisis and especially its economic impact will extend through most of 2020 and possibly beyond, signaling a slower recovery and resumption of normal growth through 2024.

Our more than three decade-long reporting of the Global Medical Devices & Diagnostics (MD&D) Market placed those revenues at $460 billion in 2019 and forecast them to increase at a real 4.9% annual rate through 2024. This report will be an essential tool to help medtech executives & investors understand logically how and when the overall market will rebound—including the likely long-term impact of the crisis on its growth—as well as which technologies and geographic markets will be most impacted.