EyeMarker Systems Engages Medical Funding Professionals to Implement Capital Planning Valuation Strategy™

Published on Jul 22, 2021

Life Science Intelligence (LSI) is pleased to announce that EyeMarker Systems has engaged our strategic partner Medical Funding Professionals (MFP) to implement their Capital Planning Valuation Strategy™ in furtherance of EyeMarker’s business plan.

EyeMarker Systems is the creator of BRAD-BIT, an innovative, portable, and accurate detection and tracking solution for traumatic brain injury. Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is a silent epidemic. 69 million people worldwide are estimated to sustain a TBI each year, from a range of causes including traffic accidents, athletic participation, falling injuries, violence, and combat. This epidemic is called “silent” because the injuries and symptoms often go unrecognized and untreated. The problems worsen with repeat injuries, especially if the brain is not given adequate recovery time after an incident. This makes early, accurate detection and ready availability of an individual’s previous results critical for both recovery and prevention of chronic symptoms.

EyeMarker Systems has developed a solution to this problem:  the Brain Rapid Assessment Device (BRAD), an accurate, lightweight, portable device that automates the swinging light test (the standard field test for assessing possible TBI); and the Brain Injury Tracker (BIT), which stores individual incident history in the cloud. The device is simple to operate and does not require specialized medical training. It can be administered field-side within moments following an athletic injury, or on-scene by emergency personnel immediately upon determination of a possible head injury.

The BIT cloud storage system provides critical support to the BRAD testing. By testing athletes at the start of each season, their results can be compared to their individual baseline, rather than general population averages, detecting subtle changes that might otherwise go unnoticed. With individual tests being no additional cost, they can easily be reassessed before returning to play, helping coaches and parents protect the lifetime health of their athletes.

EyeMarker Systems is poised to bring this technology to market, and have engaged Medical Funding Professionals to provide strategic capital planning to support the commercialization of the BRAD-BIT system and go-to-market strategy, using MFP’s proprietary Capital Planning Valuation Strategy™.

“This technology has been years in development and testing, and we’re eager to bring it to market,” said EyeMarker CEO, Wes McGee. “It saves lives and saves minds.”

“Bringing a medical device to market is a capital-intensive process,” McGee continues. “As we approach the final stretch, we need a strategic plan for capital that will support that process, while delivering shareholder value for our investors who have supported us along the way. That’s what MFP is providing.”

“EyeMarker is a big-impact company,” says MFP CEO Stephen Brock. “I know first-hand that sinking feeling when your kid takes a hit on the field. This product needs to get out to the market, and I’m honored to be helping that happen.”

“As a parent, EyeMarker’s work hits close to home for me as well, as I’m sure it will for many others” says LSI CEO Scott Pantel. “What excites me about the democratization of capital is that now innovative medtech startups like EyeMarker can connect directly with the people most potentially impacted by their products and invite them to join in the journey of bringing these life-changing technologies to the world.”

About EyeMarker Systems, Inc.

Incorporated in Delaware and based in McLean, VA, EyeMarker Systems is an emerging med-tech company focusing on the development and commercialization of portable, easy to use devices for rapid, sensitive, and accurate detection of mild traumatic brain injury and exposure to highly toxic neurotoxins. These devices are urgently needed in a range of markets, including youth sports, adult amateur sports, professional sports, emergency response, senior care, military, and homeland security.

EyeMarker Systems is considering an offering of securities exempt from registration under the Securities Act of 1933, but has not determined a specific exemption from registration it intends to rely on for the subsequent offer and sale of the securities.  No money or other consideration is being solicited, and if sent in response, will not be accepted.  No offer to buy the securities can be accepted and no part of the purchase price can be received until the company determines the exemption under which the offering is intended to be conducted and, where applicable, the filing, disclosure, or qualification requirements of such exemption are met.  A person's indication of interest involves no obligation or commitment of any kind.

About Medical Funding Professionals

Medical Funding Professionals is a registered investment advisor firm providing capital and cash flow planning solutions to the medical industry, including life sciences, biotech, medtech, and pharmaceutical sectors. Their Capital Planning Valuation Strategy™ (CPVS) ensures founders and key executives maintain control of their companies as they raise capital and grow. Medical Funding Professionals compliments its advisory services by providing further guidance on how to utilize the updated private company exemptions such as 506(c) for accredited investors and Reg A+ which allows a company to raise up to $75M from both accredited and non-accredited every 12 months.

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