Jan 26, 2020

2020's Hottest Medtech Startups Raising $2.5B Drawing Attention

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In February 2020, over 100 medtech startups will gather at the Emerging Medtech Summit to present their investment and strategic partnering needs to an audience of venture capitalists, angel investors, family offices, PE firms and strategic buyers.

The companies highlighted in this post are new additions since our previous series of coverage.  In total, the startups presenting at this event are raising over $2.5B.  The full list of presenters is available at the event site.

Continuous cardiac monitoring technology continues to evolve from the cumbersome design and implementation of conventional holter monitoring devices. BardyDx is developing the Carnation Ambulatory Monitor (CAM), a single-use, wireless, bandage-size cardiac patch capable of capturing the low-frequency electrical signals from the P-wave. The focus on identifying and monitoring the P-wave is believed to help physicians diagnose and monitor arrhythmia. 

Diality, which has raised $18 million in early stage venture fundraising, is developing a patient-centric, portable dialysis machine. Nearly 500,000 Americans are currently on dialysis, requiring to visit specialty dialysis centers multiple times a week for a few hours per visit.

There are over 400 million people living with diabetes globally. Glucorecs has developed a light-based sensor for the measurement of blood glucose levels. GluFit uses low-power radiofrequency/microwave techniques to capture a patient’s blood glucose concentration – without penetrating the skin.

Obsidio is seeking to redefine embolization with a novel, biomaterial that creates a “one-size-fits-all” universal embolic agent. The properties of this unique embolization technology allow the product to change its behavior depending on the presence of a specific amount of force. This will allow healthcare providers to permanently or temporarily occlude lesions, depending on clinical needs.

Interfacing the brain with a computer is the mission of the team over at Paradromics. The company is developing a high-data rate brain-computer interface which will allow the brain to exchange information seamlessly with a computer. The first application for this futuristic technology is an assistive communication device that will restore the ability to speak to patients with paralysis-induced loss of speech. Other untreatable conditions under investigation using this innovative technology include blindness, mental illness, and paralysis.

Come learn more about these, and many other medical device innovators at the Emerging Medtech Summit